Getting ready to go into production

Things have come a long way since my last post. The wiki has been running continuously on a test box for a couple of months with no major glitches. It is now based on version 1.12, but is running on SQL Server 2005 instead of SQL Server 2000. Everything works except for images that have funny characters in the names. Even those sort of work (the thumbnails get generated and stored in the appropriate place), but IIS 6 seems unable to server the files from there. The code is stable enough so the boss has decided to put the thing into production. There's still some pieces in this screenshot that show some of the parts of the wiki that are still in development (The collaboration box shows some debugging messages from the presence / chat server). The screw behind the logo means that this is the development version and won't be in the production version.

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bjrnet said...

I work for NASA. We want to use MediaWiki on our Windows servers with Microsoft SQL. We currently have Windows 2003 and MSSQL 2000.

Any suggestions on how to tackle this task. Are there any online resources available?

Thank you for your help.