Another recommended change for ADODB

I'm trying to minimize the number of changes needed to the wiki code, which is still fairly indecisive about retrieving data from the database via column names or column numbers. To make things as simple as possible, I set the fetch mode to ADODB_FETCH_BOTH rather than toggling back and forth between ADODB_FETCH_ASSOC and ADODB_FETCH_NUM, as I had been doing in the past. To make this work right, you'll need to make a change to the file adodb-ado5.inc.php. Change line 654 from
$this->fields = $this->GetRowAssoc(ADODB_ASSOC_CASE);
to read
$this->fields = array_merge($this->fields, $this->GetRowAssoc(ADODB_ASSOC_CASE));
Having done this, you'll have an array with both numeric keys and string keys.