More speed tests

Having been pleased with the effects of the Zend Optimizer, I began to wonder what the effects would be of running the entire MediaWiki software on the commercial Zend Core engine. Here are some samples (all times in seconds):
PagePHP No optimization PHPw/Optimizer Zend Core Wikipedia
2003 invasion of Baghdad3.323.200.690.34
2003 Invasion of Iraq20.765.456.664.09
Air Force Special Operations Command1.160.630.480.21
World Geodetic System1.321.751.300.36
United States Department of Justice2.030.940.770.54
United States Air Force6.477.242.171.17
The Sunshine Boys1.930.820.620.37
Ruby on Rails1.7515.880.650.25
Lee Meredith0.850.530.370.18
Arnold Schwarzenegger1573.914.03
Note that these are the times reported by PHP (as can be seen with the view source command on the resulting web page). Also note that the times vary significantly depending on what the server may be doing at the time. The times reported for my server are for uncached results, whereas the times reported for Wikipedia are presumably usually for cached results -- except for Arnold, it looks like I found him out of the cache this time around!

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